Avid Landscape provides complete landscape maintenance and lawn care for both residential and commercial sites.  Our landscape maintenance team offers a wide range of services, from regularly scheduled maintenance to large, one-time clean-ups.

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Lawn Service

We offer regular mowing and edging service to lawns of all sizes, in and around Seattle.  In addition to mowing your lawn we can also fertilize, top-dress, overseed, thatch or aerate whenever necessary.

Blower Service

We offer frequent blowing and clearing of hard surfaces to maintain accessibility and appearance. We clean sidewalks, driveways, patios, walkways, and any other hard surface on your property. This service can be paired with some of our other maintenance services for a cleaner, more complete look.

Planting Bed Maintenance

Weeding, selective pruning, removing seasonal die-back material and mulching will not only help your property look wonderful but it will also promote better health for your plants.

Pruning Services

We provide seasonal pruning services for small to medium-sized trees, plants and shrubs.  We also provide restorative pruning services for those plants and shrubs that “just got a little out of control.”

Seasonal Clean ups

Whether you just finished a renovation project or your yard is just experiencing the normal seasonal changes, Avid Landscape can help. Our maintenance crew can come for a one-time visit to clean up your yard and leave it looking beautiful. We remove all leaves and debris and clean and tidy planting beds. We mow and edge your lawn and finish by blowing your walkways clean. We leave a gorgeous, clean landscape for you to enjoy!

Mulching and Composting

The addition of mulches and/or compost benefits your landscape immensely.  Compost adds long term nutrients and improves soil composition.  Healthy soils sustain healthy plants.  Mulching protects top soils by reducing water loss and insulating against extreme temperatures.  Mulches also suppress weeds and give the open spaces in your landscape a clean, consistent look.

Additional Services:

  • Pressure washing
  • Roof and gutter cleaning
  • Outdoor holiday lighting (set-up and removal)
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