Hardscaping is the foundation of the ultimate landscape. Hardscaping adds function, texture, and form to any Landscape creation. At Avid Landscape, we strive to create the most detailed, innovative, and impeccable Hardscapes possible. Our Hardscapes are designed and constructed to last many years so it is important that they are the very best.

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Having served the Greater Seattle Area for many years, we have particular projects that we feel highlight different parts of our commitment to you, Our Client, in the Design and Installation of a look and feel for each individual taste. Our “Projects” Portfolio shares an overview of these elements to assist you on making in your personal designs.

Northwest Flower & Garden Show

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show is an incredible exhibition where the Premier Landscape Designers of the Pacific Northwest have an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise, design acumen and artistry among experts in their field.
Highlighting a long list of Show Awards, Avid Landscaping Design & Development LLC received the Founders Cup (Best in Show) Award in both 2014 and 2017.