Gold Medal 餅は餅屋 – Mochi wa Mochiya

Rice cake, rice cake maker. The title of this garden refers to the Japanese proverb reminding us that, no matter what the work is, the expert will always do a better than the amateurs.

Although this Gold-Medal winning display garden was designed by Robert Boyker (one of our owners), it was installed with the collaboration of our good friends at Jefferson Sustainable Landscaping.

This garden took home the Founder’s Cup (Best in Show), marking the second time that Rob received that honor.

This garden represented a marriage of cultures, beginning with the ethos of the American barbeque infused with a new level of opulence. Luxurious appliances set in modern etched stone, a porcelain-slabbed patio and a fire bowl complete the dynamic look of this outdoor kitchen.

On the reverse of the fire bowl, nestled within the gardens, is a semi-formal dining space featuring a traditional, Asian-influenced low dining table.

The garden is adorned with a vibrant demonstration of sustainability in plant selection. Year-round interest is evoked with striking combinations of native and regionally appropriate plants. You’ll find edibles planted throughout the garden…after all, why limit all those good tastes to one area?

This garden highlights properly scaled design that maximizes the usability of limited space and creating destinations in the landscape.