Expert Irrigation and Sprinkler System Design and Installation

Irrigation Repair, Maintenance and Upgrades


Throughout the year, Avid Landscape team members attend workshops and seminars related to landscape irrigation systems, staying current with emerging technologies and techniques.  It is our intention to maintain our position in the forefront of irrigation technology and share our knowledge and expertise with our clients.

Irrigation Installation

Our team at Avid Landscape will save you time and money, while protecting your landscape investment, with an automated irrigation system. We design and install sprinkler systems that are tailor-made for each individual landscape and the plants within. A well-designed system will save water and prevent plant loss while removing the hassle of watering by hand all summer long. Our systems are fully automated, easily expandable, and can be outfitted with rain sensors and remote controls.

Irrigation Repair

In addition to designing and installing new irrigation systems, we also test, repair and upgrade existing systems. We will get your system going every spring, checking for leaks, pipe or head damage and then ensuring the most efficient distribution of water, based on your ever-evolving landscape.

We can expand or reduce existing systems based on the changing needs of your landscape. We can adjust and retrofit existing systems to increase water-use efficiency.  We are also available, throughout the year, to replace and/or upgrade heads, emitters, valves, timers, rain sensors and other irrigation system components.