New Lawns

Tired of that spotty field of moss and dandelions in your yard?
Do you like instant gratification?

Simply put, our lawn installations are beautiful.

Ever wonder why your lawn looks so beat up while your neighbor’s grass is so nice?  More often than not, the problem is the soil under your lawn. We know soils and we know the importance of establishing a proper bed for growing your lawn.

Our lawn installations are specific to each location.  We evaluate all of the environmental factors for each new lawn individually.  This assessment determines which types of soils to import as well as which type of sod or seed to use.  During installation we take the time to prepare the subsoil correctly, ensuring the healthiest lawn possible.  Before laying the new sod or seed, we apply the perfect grade to guarantee a smooth lawn with an even surface for it to grow on.

Once installed, we are always available to provide tips and suggestions for keeping your new lawn beautiful or, even easier, we can schedule regular lawn service for you! Our team will make frequent visits to mow, edge and maintain your lawn, keeping it healthy and beautiful.

We install and maintain new sod for both residential and commercial properties.  Please contact the Avid Landscape team to discuss getting your new lawn installed.