Water Features

Water is an essential element in nature. The addition of a water feature to your landscape will add beauty and a relaxing sound while simultaneously attracting lovely birds for your enjoyment.

Avid Landscape installs all types of water features, each one custom-made to enhance your landscape design as well as your lifestyle. When creating your unique water feature, we will ensure a seamless blend into your landscape as we incorporate complimentary plants, statuaries or other design elements to complete the space.


The perfect image of peace and tranquility, your pond could feature water lilies and floating plants, or even a host of koi fish.


These can be showy centerpieces that bubble and flow or they might be subtle and compact, the perfect addition to a smaller space.


Small, meandering babbling brooks that flow between plantings, pathways and tranquil sitting spots. Streams can help create a tiny wilderness in your own backyard.


Rushing, tumbling, beautiful waterfalls! These can be added to ponds or stand alone. In ponds, they help to oxygenate the water for fish while adding beauty, sound, and dimension.

Bird Baths and Bubblers

These compact water features attract the birds while still adding the element of natural water to your landscape.