Urban Rendezvous

Newly Constructed Home

Project Overview: Newly Constructed Home with one established Apple Tree in Landscape.

Objectives: To create full Landscape to accommodate multiple social events monthly, full amenities from a blank slate. (Excluding the Mature Apple Tree)

Description: The design for the Planter Beds, artificial turf and Suggested Plant List came through collaboration with a WALP Member Designer. The majority of the project was ours… Hardscape, irrigation, appliances, lighting and electronics were Avid’s. After much discussion, these are the finished results we accomplished for our client.

Created a large, multi-levelled patio adjacent to the house, complimented by a satellite patio with a piped gas fire bowl in the corner of the yard. The overall patio space is close to 700 sf2. Abbotsford Texada slabs in Natural color were used. The fire bowl is the Infinite design by El Dorado.

While the lower portion of the foundation patio is intended to eventually hold a hot tub, the upper portion was widened to create ample room for a dining table as well as allow gathering room near the new, granite-topped outdoor bar with two refrigerators and a freezer.

This installation also included a Luxor colored lighting system (ZDC). The path lights were grouped together as one zone, but all 14 of the other up and accent lights are individually zoned to allow for unlimited options to decorate the event-of-the-day’s theme. Currently, Fridays are “Blue Fridays”, a display that includes blue and green, to show their support for the Seattle Seahawks.

A HydraWise Wi-Fi Smart Irrigation System was also installed, partially for the water efficiency, but moreso to enable on-demand mobile control of the rotor heads positioned around the pitch, keeping the homeowners just a push of a button away from a cooling splash of water before any dog paws or bare feet touch the turf on a hot summer day.

Overall, this project has provided the homeowners with all three of their original goals; a place for outdoor entertaining, whether it’s a crowded fundraiser or just the family, a place for their 3 small dogs to run about and stay relatively clean, and all of this in a lower-maintenance package. Through plant selection and educating the client about proper maintenance, there are no plants that require more than one landscaper’s touch a year, many will not require any maintenance at all. The “lawn” will never need mowing, edging or fertilizer and the pavers have been sealed to prevent staining from the droppings of the neighbor’s Walnut tree.

Overall, there was nothing particularly out of the ordinary with this project. There were several mid installation adjustments and numerous additions, but all of this is what we normally expect when the design is vague. The mid-point adjustments and additions only served to enhance the final results.

The clients were absolutely wonderful to work with; extremely friendly and always very complimentary. This certainly went a long way in keeping our morale up which resulted in another great installation.