Urban Rendezvous

This project began as a newly constructed home with a blank landscape consisting of a single mature apple tree. The client’s objective was to create a full and complete landscape to complement the contemporary style of their new house. With children and 3 small dogs they wanted to accommodate all the activities of their busy household with lower maintenance needs.

This design was a collaborative effort between Avid Landscape and Sage Design. Sage Design laid out the concept, including the planting beds, artificial turf, and plant selection. Avid contributed the design for the hardscaping, fire bowl, irrigation, outdoor appliances, and landscape lighting.

In this installation we created a large, multi-level patio adjacent to the house. The lower area was intended for a hot tub while the upper portion was widened to create ample room for a dining table plus space to gather near the new, granite-topped outdoor bar with two Perlick refrigerators and a freezer.

Complementing the main patio is a satellite patio with a piped gas fire bowl in the corner of the yard. All the patio spaces were installed with Abbotsford Texada slabs in Natural color (24” x 24” and 24” x 12”). The fire bowl is the Infinite design by El Dorado, using piped Natural Gas.

This installation also included an FX Luminaire Luxor-controlled colored LED lighting system. The path lights were grouped together as one zone, but all 14 of the other up and accent lights are individually zoned to allow for unlimited options to decorate the event-of-the-day’s theme. Currently, Fridays are “Blue Fridays”, a display that includes blue and green, to show their support for the Seattle Seahawks.

A Hunter HydraWise Wi-Fi Smart Irrigation System was installed, partially for water efficiency, but more so to enable the on-demand mobile control of the rotor heads positioned around the artificial turf, keeping the homeowners just a push of a button away from a cooling splash of water before any dog paws or bare feet touch the pitch on a hot summer day.